Our Vision: What we Hope to Achieve?

To Achieve Corporate Excellence in the field of Marketing Drugs and Medical Appliances at Reasonable Prices and high Quality.


Our Mission: Why we exist?

  • Evolve corporate strategy for Company’s continuous growth and profitability including Strategic alliances.
  • To strengthen the marketing strategy to effectively compete old standing companies in Yemeni drugs market.
  • to maintain and develop highly motivated human resources to achieve professional competence and ensure career development of our work force.
  • To conduct professionally with the shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, financial institutions, government and the public.
  • Over the years, while fulfilling these objectives, Aman Al-Jazeera Company has also made its mark in domestic markets
  • A professional and dynamic work culture has seen Aman Al-Jazeera Company today along with a strong presence in institutional markets; the company is creating a niche for itself in the highly competitive trade market.